The Hidden Treasure of Tedbabe Mariam Monastery and Challenges of Heritage Management and Tourism Development


  • Zelalem Getnet * Department of Tourism and Hotel Management, Wollo University, Dessie, Ethiopia
* Corresponding author:



South Wollo Zone is one of the Zones found in Amhara Regional Stat. It is endowed with different cultural and natural attractions which make the tourists entertained, amazed and creates breathtaking feeling. Among the treasures, Rise Adibarat Wogedamat(First among its peers and head of all churches and Monasteries) Tedebabe Mariam monastery is the most flagship one. The principal objective of this study is to investigate the hidden treasure of Tedbabe Mariam monastery in Ethiopia. Besides, this research aimed to disclose the major hindering factors of the Monastery to develop tourism. To meet this objective, the researcher used qualitative research approach. Primary and secondary data were collected so as to investigate the hidden treasure of the Monastery and to disclose some of the impediments of tourism development. To collect primary data; face-to-face personal interviews and participant observation was carried out. In order to analyze the collected data, the researcher employed descriptive data analysis method. The research identified that; the Monastery possesses precious and magnificent tangible, movable and immovable heritages. Within the enclosure of the Monastery there are various historic buildings, tombs and above all the treasure house which housed priceless treasures that has not been accessible for international and national tourists due to various impediments. Among the collections that are found in the treasure houses are more than 300 parchment books; some of which are not found elsewhere in the world. Above all, the history and location of the Monastery amplified its potential for tourism development and astounding visitors. However, due to poor road facility, and lack of standard accommodations and other touristic facility, the monastery treasures and its environs became inaccessible for international and national tourists.


Tedbabe Mariam Monastery, Hidden Treasures, Tourism Development, Impediments


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Getnet, Z. . (2019). The Hidden Treasure of Tedbabe Mariam Monastery and Challenges of Heritage Management and Tourism Development. Abyssinia Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 4(1), 19–25.




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