Educational Attitude and Lifestyles as Predictors of Academic Performance among Undergraduate Students in Dilla University


  • Tsehaynew Getaneh* Department of psychology, Wollo University, Dessie, Ethiopia
* Corresponding author:



This study was intended to explore the predictive power of educational attitude and lifestyles for the academic performance of undergraduate students. The study was conducted in Dilla University. The researcher employed survey research design to the study. The data gathered from graduating students of regular program studying in this university. A total of 150 students were selected using simple random sampling technique through lottery system from different fields of studies. After checking the validity and reliability of the instruments, the data was collected using attitude scale with 33 items and lifestyle questionnaires with 38 items. Finally, 138 filled questionnaires were encoded and entered to the analysis system. The data were analyzed using means, percentages, T-test, correlation and linear regression. Hence, the findings of the study revealed that majority 109(79%) of respondents were staying for three years in the study area. Educational attitude is positively and significantly correlated with academic performance(r =.272, p < .01). The result also illustrates that academic performance of students is positively and significantly related with lifestyle variables like self-concept, emotional state and goal orientation(r= .19, r=.17, r=.21, p<.05) respectively. Both educational attitude and lifestyles of students accounts 12% of the variance of academic performance at a significant level of confidence (R= .35, p< .05). Thus, students’ educational attitudes and lifestyles predict academic performance of undergraduate students at significant level. Therefore, concerned bodies should give due attention to student related factors to improve quality of education at higher institutions. Moreover, further studies need to be done on personal factors that influence the academic performance among students in the undergraduate program.


education, attitude, lifestyle, academic, students, university


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Getaneh, T. . (2020). Educational Attitude and Lifestyles as Predictors of Academic Performance among Undergraduate Students in Dilla University. Abyssinia Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 5(2), 22–30.




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