The Scene of Wollo University during the Invasion of TPLF Led Force


  • Alemayehu Erkihun Engida * Department of History and Heritage Management, Wollo University, Dessie, Ethiopia
* Corresponding author:



This study critically examines Wollo University under the invasion of TPLF fighters, status of the damages and implication of the wall texts, written by the invaders who had been camped in the campus. It is evident that after the bloody battles fought at Alansha (Kutaber) and Boru Sellasie in October 2021, the Ethiopian National Defense Force, Amhara Special Force and Fano retreated for strategic purpose. Following this, the TPLF led forces, composed of human waves captured Wollo University on 30 October 2021. Ruthlessly, the invading forces pillaged Wollo University and intentionally damaged buildings, doors, windows, offices and resources. Indeed, invaders used this academic institution as military camp, center of training, logistic base and detention site for 37 days. The university, established for academic purpose is heavily devastated during the invasion. The researcher has consulted a wide ranges of sources left by the TPLF fighters and series of reports produced by the university in the post invasion period. One of the major sources of data is an inventory report of Wollo University, carefully compiled by the technical committee, composed of various professionals. In addition, the researcher has observed pillaged and intentionally damaged properties of the university on the spot. Moreover, scripts written on walls, doors and windows by the invading forces are also used for this paper. Eyewitnesses who were observing invasion were interviewed. In conclusion, data gathered from various sources are cross-checked, analyzed and interpreted.


Pillage, damage, conflict


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Erkihun Engida, A. . (2022). The Scene of Wollo University during the Invasion of TPLF Led Force. Abyssinia Journal of Business and Social Sciences, 7(1), 1–18.




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